Month: October 2016

So much to tell you…

So much has happened in the last month and a half. As a tree spreads its branches, i am spreading the reach of my mind, arms and life experiences.

I moved countries for work!!  YAY!

God is amazing i tell you.

I had a smooth flight to Libreville, Gabon and i  was taken to my new apartment…everything was dandy. I could not wait to go to the beach…my toes were calling out for it.

But…the election results hadn’t been announced just yet so i had to wait.

Then there were plumes of smoke as people took to the streets. It is scary no matter the scale and number of people.

I was indoors with other colleagues and we got to hang out and get to know each other a bit.

When i got out and about i discovered that i love (absolutely love) the baguettes. They are made fresh daily everywhere. YUMMY!! And pizzerias are all over the place. In Kenya i was eating and living a diabetic lifestyle but here it is next to impossible. I found brown bread, finally, but no brown rice..and lack of exercise 😦

School is in session and so far so good.

The only challenge for me is that this is a French speaking country and i have to brush up on my rusty and dusty French. I welcome the challenge.

i have been slacking on my exercise and i am feeling like a whale. I have tried to get out and run but the humidity is thick and i feel like it is just sitting on my chest when i attempt a short jog; but i will do my best.

I know i won’t do the half marathon that is coming up in November but i definitely want to/have to do the 10k.