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Life has been busy!!

I’m settled in now it’s just that it seems that a curveball is thrown my way every week..more and more admin stuff at work but i look at it as a learning curve..ugh! But it’s gotta get done.

I signed up for the local annual run. I know i have not trained to even walk a half so i decided to register for the 5k on the Saturday and the 10k on the Sunday-happening on the last weekend of November.

Happily i have started training, but unhappily i am suffering from dehydration headaches soon after(or at least i think that is the cause) This happened twice. It also doesn’t help that one can’t go two/three hundred meters without coming across a hill (damn i miss the flatness of Kenya)

So do i give up? No. I just try and try again. More water and veggies in my diet and i hope that that will sort it out, because i can’t imagine not participating.

It has been an irksome development but what is life without some of these things right.

Wish me luck in my training and i hope you are pushing through whatever life is throwing your way.

Oh Well

Two weeks ago I was supposed to do a half marathon. 

That didn’t happen. 

My body was tired and it just refused to get out of bed.. sigh…

And then I got sick with a bad cold/flu. 

Now I’m better so onwards and upwards 🙂 

Be Like Water

Last week i signed up for a half marathon with minimum training. The Sotokoto Half Marathon. They only have the 21k distance and 5k.

When i say minimum i mean that i was a week into training for the annual Stanchart marathon. I’ve been looking for another run to do as opposed to the regular First Lady’s marathon in March and Stanchart in October.

A day later i was wondering what i had gotten myself into. I mean, yes i run regularly but nowhere near  a half marathon distance, i mean, my long run is 12k.

Anyway best foot forward, some hill runs, yoga and cross training right? Right. Wrong, Mother Nature said.

I have come down with a bout of tonsilitis and a cold. This run is beginning to look like wishful thinking. Of course i hope to get to do the run; i won’t chase time, just do it.

But life is like that. You just deal with the hand you’ve been dealt.

As Bruce Lee said: Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.

Be like water

So i will be like water, see how i feel come Sunday and do what i gotta.

Self Love Sunday

I did my second half marathon today.
After intermittent training, my only goal was to best my previous time by a half hour.
This was a different route thankfully and I believed in myself.
I talked a friend into doing the half and she did it really well and beat me like I knew she would 🙂

A cloudy day (my favourite) and I got on with it. At the start line I realised that I had been looking at the map all wrong, but what could I do but get going? I got to the 10k mark sooner than I thought and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it or when you least expect it.

I made a new PR of 3:15 and beat my previous time by 32minutes. Yay me!!
I know my darkness has been silenced for a while and anyway I’m too exhausted to listen to them.

Surprise yourself this week.

Half marathon, done and dusted!!

The day rolled around.
Dull and overcast. “Perfect for a run”
Watching on TV as the 42k runners were flagged off as i waited for my cousin to get ready. My feet could not keep still and I knew that I could still back out but I’d never forgive myself. We got to the start line just in time to be flagged off. We started at a slow jog on the first of a few steep of the steep hills that characterised the run. I told him to go on as I knew that I would not be able to keep up that pace. I walked and jogged and walked and jogged some more. There was an older gentleman who I decided would be my pacesetter. He was walking and jogging and we had a good momentum going until he met his friend and they started talking. So I left him and his friend behind. My strategy was to have a pacesetter that would keep me motivated, despite us having different training levels.
When I passed him I was lost. I mean, what do you do when you surpass your pacesetter?? Solution: find another.
Next, I saw these spry older Indian gentlemen at one of the loops just before the 5k mark. They were about 600m ahead of me and I thought I could catch up to them. I never did catch up to them. They were deep in some discussion that kept them distracted. At the 14k mark I saw them running at high speed (at least it seemed so) while I was debating the level of madness versus sensibility.
Till I got to the 10k mark and decided to go for a toilet break. Big mistake. Momentum was lost and I didn’t get it back 😦 Turns out it was just nerves. I walked some more and jogged some more, I wondered where the turn off was and I estimated it to be 2km away round a bend. It turned out to be 5km away! Oh the horror!! I wasn’t going to turn back or be picked up by the stragglers bus so onwards onwards. I saw the spry Indian gentlemen run at top speed. I just marvelled at them and said “These are the guys who gave us yoga and Kamasutra.”
I met my friend and it helped to have company until she told me she couldn’t talk. Lol! She needed her energy to focus on walking. We got to the 16km mark and we had to do a loop and we thought about just going under the tape as we had seen people do numerous times on the course, we looked at each other and knew we’d never forgive ourselves so round the loop we went.
I hit another wall when I got to the 18k mark, plus it was a hill. I wasn’t sure where I was, I couldn’t hear the music from the stadium, I was just following the people in front of me. This self imposed agony needed to end!
Soon enough I heard the music and saw the stadium *joy oh joy* It wasn’t clear where I was to go so I just kept walking until I go to the 20k mark,where I realised I have to do another short walk outside the stadium and then get to the stadium. I met friends who had finished it and wanted to chat but when they realised I was still on it, they pushed me onwards. Good friends.
I got there and I was so happy that I had made it,I tried to do a run then a jog but my legs told me to forget that idea. I did jump over the finish line and the trackers on the ground. Proud moment that 🙂
All I wanted to know next was “Where do I get my medal??” I was directed and I heard the sweet sound of metal upon metal, beautiful music. Soon I was plonked on the grass doing some stretches and light yoga.
I soaked in my achievement. At the time I just sat and barely talked. I thought that Batman would be proud of me but in his silent way would tell me “You could have done better.”

Will I do it again? Hell yes!!
In fact, I’m looking for the next race.
Right now, I’m relaxing and massaging my sore and tight calves.



Happy trails 🙂

5k that changed to 10k

Did i tell you that i was registerign for a 5k race? Well i did.

It is called the UAP Ndakaini half marathon.

At the last minute i decided to change and do the 10k.

It was to start at 11am and my friends were doing the 10 k which was to start at 10am.

The drive down was amazing. We passed lots of people on their way to the marathon. I mean like bus loads and cars full of energixed folks. The views were amazing. Lots of lush greenery.

When we got to the venue we got parking and started what seemed to be a never endign walk to the start line. It ended up being 3.5km. Talk about a warm up.

When we started the run, it was downhill and i was feeling upbeat and strong. I even paced a lady who belongs to a slimming group that features on telly. Felt so good.

As i got to the 3km, it began to hit me the magnitude of what i was doing. The hills seemed to be never ending and i knew there were more.

As i got to the 5km mark, i was happy to see officials standing with cartons of water (what else could it have been?) My joy did not get too far up on the scale once i noticed they were empty and they did not look too happy at the volley of questions that the participants ahead of me were asking.

I did not disappoint.

“Is the water coming?”

A slight hesitation. “It’s on the way.”

Any hesitation is bound to lead to a lie.

We both knew that i was not going to wait for it.

“There is water ahead.”

“I hope so. ”

I walked on muttering to myself that i will never do a Ndakaini marathon again.

As i navigated a particularly steep hill, I looked at my phone and it said that i was on the 8.5km mark. It felt more like 11km but oh well.

As i navigated the hill, i was hit by the most unexpected view. The dam stretched out before my eyes and it (dare i say it), it was worth it.

I of course stopped and took pictures of the island, water tower to add to the collection of pictures that i had taken.

When i got the finish line, it was a mess of disorganisation that would have me go to the finish line, and then walk back about 800m backwards and then another 3km to the car.

I didn’t.

I just walked the 3k back to the car.

Overall, i am glad i did the race. But i will not be doing it in a hurry.

I met a friend there who told me that it is usually disorganised. That a lack of water should not surprise me. It is a regular occurence at that particular race. however, that the fact that it started just a half hour later than planned/advertised is a big improvement from previous years.

Would i do it again? Maybe.

Would i advise anyone to do it? Yes, with some precautions thrown in like, carry enough water on the run.

I am glad i did it. 🙂

In the meantime i am trying to train for the Stanchart half marathon.

Gym Visit

A friend told me about the gym he attends and i kept mentioning how i would visit and check it out. My visit didn’t look like it was going to happen as things just kept proping up and i would forget. So he told me the daily rate and made sure that i would attend it with him. So on Wednesday this week i did.

Got up early and went into town.

I found him pounding the treadmill. I was impressed.

The gym instructor got me on the pedal machine and then the treadmill for 15 minutes each. I hated the pedal machine, ugh!

While i was on the treadmill, there was a lady who walked in and started doing squats. She couldn’t get to knee level and i remember laughing inside but applauding her effort all the same. I remember thinking “Everyone has to start somewhere.” I looked to my right at the middle aged lady who was on the treadmill next to me. She was running the hell out of that machine at a speed of 8.8km/hr and i was struggling at 5.5km/hr. Humble pie.

Do not look at someone and dismiss their effort because you can do it better than them, because the next person, or that same person. can do something better than you. 

All the while through the corner of my eye, i can see my friend, K, doing lunges with a weight balancing on his shoulders…don’t know what they are called. I knew he was fit but watching him was something else. It was motivation to keep moving on the treadmill machine 😉

The gym instructor was keen to have me do squats and lunges and was pleasantly surprised that i could do them with minimum complaints. He was really keen for me to go for another session.

You know what? I think i will. And hopefully i will go with my friend K.

I found that i sweated more than when i work out at home.

It helps to be with a groups as it keeps you motivated and engaged as opposed to when you are at home and you can easy stop for extended breaks.The gym doesn’t let you do that.

Having a friend is an added bonus.

Enjoy your workouts!