Month: November 2013

You’re Not a Princess


I could not believe my eyes (and story) when i read this article:

A Catholic school is telling lots of little girls the truth: You may not be a princess but you can rule the world!


It is so serious about it that it has encouraged its students to come up with different ways to be independent and productive women for example, students create real businesses and donate the money to women in Sudan, cleaning up simulated oil spills… This school is teaching girls to discover and develop their skills in addition to finding ways of solving society’s problems. 3 cheers to them!

Women around the world need to realise that having a man is a great thing, however it is not a prerequisite to having a great life. You should be complete and happy in yourself. Your man is an addition to that completeness and happiness.

Here are some of their posters:


Of Dreams and Hope

“If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.”

This quote made me think…. So are my dreams supposed to scare me? Sometimes they do and other times they don’t.

Either way a day at a time, i will try my best to make them come true and maybe just maybe they will.

New Workout Regime

So here i was bemoaning the rain and the way it has messed up my exercise regimen (and hair)..then i came across this link:

It looks really great especially because it will work out other areas of my body that don’t necessarily get worked out,  ya know?

So in the idea of having a goal, i wanna try this out at least 3 times a week and then move on from there.

I wanna look like that lady in the pictures 🙂

All the best people.


Rain and Working Out

The rains are here (or so it seems)

As happy as i am to smell the rain soaked earth, i am concerned about my workout regimen. This is because i love to get out and run, or play with the neighbour’s kids (aka cardio)..i just love to be outdoors!

I also love to eat..sigh..

While researching some exercises for cold weather/winter, i came across some interesting info.

“During winter the body goes into hibernation mode. Your body adjusts to using less energy.”Granted we are not in the North Pole but Nairobi has become some special kinds of cold lately. This decrease in exercise and (possibly an increased) appetite makes us pile on the pounds. This is also known as seasonal weight gain. It doesn’t help matters that we are gearing up for Christmas.

So how do we keep ourselves motivated and focused on our fitness goals? Glad you asked 🙂

1. Keep moving.

It doesn’t always have to mean that we are running the 3km that we did yesterday/last week, cos we are only human and we don’t always feel like doing what we have to/promised the world we would. But you do have to keep moving, even if it is just a 1km or 2km walk.

Make a plan to sweat it out!

2. Have a Food Plan.

Plan out your weekly meals. (Life is much easier this way)

3. Be honest with yourself.

When you go for that  wedding/family gathering/lunch with an old friend, it is best to have a plan. Every once in a while you are going to slip up. Forgive yourself. You are not infallible.

4. Ginger. Cayenne Pepper. Cinnamon.
Using the above spices can help boost your metabolism. Sprinkle some cinnamon in your tea or some cayenne pepper in your food.

5. Reward Yourself.

You have been working hard. Have that piece of chocolate. It will make the cravings that much easier to resist when you know you have it coming to you at the end of every week and a half/two weeks or even every week.

Does that help you? It has done a me a ton of good.

All the best people!


The Fitness Express

I thought my fitness days would reduce given that i have just participated in the Stanchart marathon, but alas it was not to be. (which is a good thing)

My cousin has come up with this brill  idea: for whoever wants to join her to do whatever form of exercise for 3 days a week!

“Do what you know; walking, running, gym, aerobics, weights….minimum, three times a week. Clean up your diet as well, no refined sugars…i.e plain sugar, juices, soda etc, the rest is up to you.
Target, 5kg by New Years..”

I think this is possible. Very workable. Not time like the present to start.

I came across this link, i’ll try it for a week and let you know if it a hit or a miss.

There is a group on facebook that is growing in numbers. (the fitness express)

I love that we can all come together on it and support each other in our fitness goals.

To all of you out there, LET’S DO THIS BECAUSE WE CAN!!!

*puts on running shoes*