Month: June 2013

Muay Thai 2nd Session

Sorry for my silence. It has been quite the week.

So i was more than psyked up for my second session..with the obligatory nerves.

I was sent to the stationary bike – that was easy, until he adjusted something that made it harder to pedal. Then i went to the studio for warm ups and exercises.

Things got thick from there.

I started off with jogging on the spot while counting to 150. Not as easy as it sounds.. but i managed.

I did an exercise that required me to get down to a push up and then jump up..i was supposed to do 5, i did 3 and took breaks between 4 and 5 lol

Pushups. I am happy to say that i am getting better at this. I could feel the belly muscles tightening up. I understand now why so many men like this exercise and swear by it. I can now do 12!! 12 whole pushups!! I am so proud of myself. I have never been able to do them.

The rest of the session was not too hard. The boxing and kicking was good.

Overall a great work out.

Unfortunately i won’t be able to do more of this due to financial reasons, but i intend to go back before the year’s end.

In the meantime i hope to start running. (someone start with me so that we can exchange notes)

Keep warm and smiling.

My First Muay Thai Kickboxing Session

I went for my first kick boxing class on Saturday.

It kicked my ass!! And i loved it!!

My trainer started me on jogging on the spot for a minute, raising my knees; then 30 puch ups of 10 reps each – i managed 10 in total. 15 minutes into the session i was ready to wal away. The plank exercise,  use your forearms and hold for 10 seconds then change to palms on the floor. Hold for10 seconds then change back to forearms. Do this 5 times. I did it only twice.

By the half hour mark i was telling him how much i hate him. All the while i was doing it with a student that i teach in school.

He was kicking my ass!!

Then i wore the boxing gloves….ooohhh! I felt like Mike Tyson reincarnated!! All those boxing movies i had watched with my Dad came back to me.

I was taught about the stance (left foot in front always), how to throw a punch, protect your face, elbows in..there is lots to learn.

How to throw a kick from the waist, how to kick from the waist using body weight as opposed to just throwing my foot out.

I felt soooo worn out after my session but so ready for another.

I think i can do this on the regular.

My one challenge now is to get over the aching muscles (which are giving me a weird walking style lol) I ache in places i never knew i could ache.. Doing some of the execises as eased some of the soreness.

The Mantra:

The pain of yesterday is the strength of tomorrow

Let’s go!!


I have a healthy head of 6 and a half year old dreadlocks.

i had promised to write about hair so here i am starting out with the different types of dreadlocks there are.

Free forming

These are the ones seen on Bob Marley and Rastafarians.

These come about when you do absolutely nothing to your hair. Anyone can do them even they with fine, soft hair. It’s easy on the pocket as you do not have to go for salon visits. Unfortunately it could take up to a year to form locked locs. If you are a bit of a control freak like i am, they will not work for you as they will be out of control and will be uneven.


I had to look this up and i came across this site

They say that they are formed as a result of a precision parting grid and the use of a specialised tool that places the hair into its locking formation. Typically they require a loctician. Generally they allow for more versatility when it comes to styling.


This is the more common way of doing locs.

This is when the root of the dreads are twisted using wax into the locking formation. More people than not use this method. This style gives more control over how the dreads form. The finished work should look something like this:

As a general rule you should have your products with you.

Styling gel/wax this holds the hair together until the next wash

Leave in conditioner this keeps the hair moisturised and provides nutrients to keep it healthy


  • It is important to do wash your dreads as often as you want. The recommended time is 3-5 weeks to give it time to lock. Depending on your lifestyle it could be less time.
  • Twist/roll them regularly so as to prevent them from fusing together. You can twist/roll them in any direction (clockwise or anticlockwise) but maintain the direction for the as long as you have dreads.


Fitness Confession

Hello People!

I have some not so good news.

I missed out on Week 2’s work outs.. *crestfallen face*

I kept pushing it to tomorrow..always tomorrow and then i got sick -horrible flu- and i definately couldn’t run.

This week i am making up for it by doing the yoga. I am not up for running yet but it feels good to be activa again.

This Saturday i go for my first Muay Thai session..YAY!! I am soooo excited and a bit apprehensive but i will put my best foot forward.

I will tell you all about it.

Remember the mantra:

The pain of yesterday is the strength of tomorrow.

Our manes more so the African manes have

Our manes more so the African manes have been considered as statements of rebellion. Revolutionary statements.

This is especially true of dreadlocks.

Wearers of this style were considered to be criminals because criminals of the 80s and 70s sported this style and Bob Marley was considered to be persona non grata.

It was socially acceptable to have this hair style if you worked in an NGO or aspired to. Or maybe you were a thespian or artist.

Today, almost everyone and their grandmother has locs.

In June 2013, some 3 girls took part in an event that encouraged people to touch their hair. Read more about it here:




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Traffic stopping i should think.

We should do this too in Nairobi. Yes? No? We could have different hair types represented; Caucasian, African, mixed race, Indian.

My favourite author, Chimamana Adichie has this to say about hair: It is political. Her hairstyle is against the idea that “beauty is this homogenous thing.” That is why she prefers an afro or cornrows with extensions.

When i started my dreadlock journey, lots of people would ask me if they could touch them. There were many question too about which products i use. There were lots of compliments too 🙂

Word to the wise:

Asking someone to touch someone’s hair has to be broached with respect.

It is socially acceptable to ask this of someone you know because then you will know whether or not to do it.